Build Your Own Wedding Video Coverage

I've been photographing wedding for over 5 years, and shoot over 50 weddings a year. In 2017 I decided to add video to my business and have loved being able to offer you the incredible story telling experience of wedding videography. A beautiful portrait or photo is an amazing timeless piece that your family will always cherish. But to hear the laughter, re-watch your first dance and to FEEL your wedding again, video is the way to go. Take a look at my simple pricing structure below and let me know if you have any questions! Songs, editing and color grading are all included in the price. Videos are delivered via digital download.

Engagement Video


A great way to announce to your family and friends your engagement. With beautiful audio and visuals we can tell YOUR story. Typically filmed during the shoot with your wedding photographer, but of course we can plan something extra special and unique to fit your personalities.


~90 Minute Shoot

Outfit Changes

4-5 Minute Video

Formal/Bridal Shoot


A gorgeous bridal shoot is always my favorite. You and your fiance all dressed in your wedding attire, but no stress of the wedding day, beautiful sunsets and gorgeous mountains (or beaches, I like the beach too!). We'll make a gorgeous video for you to remember and share for years to come.  Typically a formal video is shot at the same time you shoot your formal portraits with your wedding photographer. 


60-90 Minute Shoot

3-5 Minute Bridal Video

Ceremony/Sealing Coverage


This will include coverage of the actual wedding ceremony/sealing at your wedding. Optional coverage of you preparing for the ceremony included at no charge. Video will include audio of the ceremony highlights, coverage of the setup, you and your loved ones, and more. You'll receive an uncut, color graded video of the ceremony with audio as well as a 3-5 minute highlight video of the wedding ceremony and clips from the portrait time after the ceremony.      -max time 2 hrs-

Reception Event Coverage


This includes coverage of your wedding reception. I'll be shooting everything from the setup and details, to group portraits, candid moments and your grand send off. Typical finished video time is around 10-15 minutes for a combination ceremony and reception coverage. This will include the edit, set to a music style of your choice and high quality audio from your wedding day.  -max time 3 hrs-

Add Ons

All travel outside of Cache Valley Utah is billed at $35/hr

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