Preparing for Our Shoot

Even more important than what you wear to your shoot, is how you feel before and during the photoshoot. Portraits are all about you! Whether it's your wedding day, family portraits or new business headshots, being mentally ready for our shoot is extremely important. There are a few things you should definitely do (and some things not to do) before you show up to the studio. 

First, let's get the don'ts out of the way. Really there is only like one big don't and that's DON'T STRESS about the shoot. Almost every single one of my clients tell me after the shoot it was tons of fun, and that after they got their initial jitters out that it was perfect. Don't stress about your skin, your clothes or your hair. You look perfect, and if there is a blemish, I'll fix it in post. Also, Dad and Mom, stop worrying about your kid. Every kid will be wiggly and full of energy on the shoot, I'll work with that. If you show up without stressing out, we'll make some great images. 

Now on to what you SHOULD do! Be excited! We're going to get some great images together and my shoots are super chill and laid back. We'll be laughing and telling stories, we might stop to skip some rocks with the kids (gotta build some friendships with them for real smiles!) and overall we'll have a great time. All of my shoots are very relaxed and stress free. I'm all about laughing, playing and having a good time together. So let's get out and make some unique images! 

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