What to Wear?

My job is all about making you look like the very best you, but part of that is on you too! Certain outfits photograph better than others, and choosing your outfits carefully can help make sure our shoot goes perfectly. Let's go over a few simple do's and don'ts for how to make you look and feel your very best! 


-Wear solid colors or large patterns. Modern camera's are amazing, but they really struggle with bright, neon colors and very fine patterns. 

-Generally muted, subdued colors work better than bright flashy colors. 

-Keep your tops and bottoms similar tones. Extreme contrast in an outfit can make it difficult to photograph. 

-Layers! Layers always look really good in images. Spruce up your look with a jacket, scarf, necklace or other such items. 

-For groups, it's usually easiest to pick 2-3 colors that go well together and ask people to dress around that. An easy base color (ie: blue, grey) and then some accent colors are easier on everyone. 

-If you're concerned about your weight, tops with sleeves will help you look slimmer on camera than sleeveless options. 

-If you're getting a fresh hair cut, I'd recommend getting it two weeks before the shoot so you have time to let it grow and smooth out, as well as learn how to style it. 

-Most importantly though, where what you feel comfortable in! If you're feelin' hot you'll see that attitude come through in your images! 

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-For groups and families, don't go all Matchy McMatchface on me. It's not 1994, and while rolled up jeans and white shirts are cute, let's let them be cute in the 90's. 

-Don't forget to match your outfits to our location ideas. Heels in the mountains generally don't work, and a skirt in January is going to make your shoot miserable (as will coats in July). 

-Don't forget to wear nice fitting clothes, if you're clothes are overly baggy (or overly tight) it won't be as flattering. 

-Don't wear just one option! Feel free to bring a few looks and we'll make sure to get some awesome images in each! 

-Don't wear it for the first time to your shoot, if you just bought it then where it once or twice to make sure you love it before the shoot.

-Also, I'd recommend avoid bold graphics and lettering on your clothes, as it really distracts from you. If you have any questions, hit that contact button and ask away! 


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