Other Questions You Might Have?

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How big can I print my digital files?

The files you'll receive via digital download are full resolution. You can print them up to about 24x36 inches comfortably or 40x60 if you're careful about your lab and print material. 

Do I need to come in order any prints? 

Not at all! I'm happy to sit down and help you order prints if you'd like, or you can hit the "Buy Photos" button inside your private gallery or you can send me an email with the prints you'd like to order and I'll place the order for you! 

How long will our images be in our gallery?

I will keep your gallery live as long as I can. I guarantee they'll be there for at least one year, but as of yet I've never taken down a gallery in my five years in business. But it's always good to have a couple copies of your images yourself.

Can we see ALL the images from our shoot/wedding? 

Alright, honesty moment. The answer is no. But I have good reasons, but in a nutshell, I want to keep all the images I release at the highest quality. And I'm not magic, not every image I take is worth keeping (and I don't keep them all). You'll get every image that was worth keeping. I don't throw out anything I think you might like, but the blinks, blurs and bumps are tossed out. 

What happens to our shoot if it snows/rains/windy/meteor showers? 

Most the weather in Utah isn't very severe and usually we'll proceed as planned. Obviously you always have the right to reschedule/cancel, but my equipment can take the rain/snow and unless it's coming in sideways, usually don't really effect the images much. But if needed, there is not rescheduling fee. 

How long till I'll see my images? 

I  promise a 7 business day turn around time. 

Can we pick our own locations? 

Yes, but I'd love some input on them so we can find the best lighting possible.

Do you have other questions? Hit that contact button and shoot them over to me!

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