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Hi, I'm Mike. I always had an interest in photography in my younger years, but finally bought a decent camera in 2011 and started shooting a bit more. From there my interest grew to a hobby, then an addiction and now I'm somewhere around the "life consuming obsession" point. People are the reason I do photography, I love spending my time with all sorts of amazing people (that’s you!) on some of the best days of their lives. My focus with photography is gorgeous light and real emotion, I am in love with real laughs, squinty eyes and genuine emotion! I generally think I'm way funnier than I actually am and will probably tell a few really dumb jokes, but hey, it’s fine, either way we’ll have fun making gorgeous photos that tell your story.

In August of 2014 I opened my first full time studio, kinda impulsively. I quit my job, gave my wife a heart attack and started shooting full time. Why make plans, they’ll probably change in 10 minutes anyway? No regret, I've loved every moment of it and all the friends I've made.

Besides photography I have a gorgeous wife, Jessie, who is a full time accountant (I tell her that’s boring, she tells me it’s practical). We have a chinchilla, because well, he’s fluffy. We love to road trip, when I can convince her to let me blow through our money…. I should rephrase that entire sentence... I love to road trip, my wife loves to travel, not some much the ‘road’ part of traveling. But personally I find driving is so much more fun than flying. We're always looking for another new adventure and something fun to see. We both love to hike, snowshoe, backpack and spend our extra time in the mountains.

I graduated from Weber State University. I grew up in Ogden area and moved to Cache Valley in 2011. I love wind (except during photo shoots) and sunshine, gorgeous views and the silent forgotten corners of the world. I served my LDS Mission in Perth Australia. If I don't answer my phone, I'm either shooting or hiking as that's about all I do.

If you have any questions or want to schedule a shoot, hit me up! I answer emails and texts way better than phone calls (it's hard to talk on the phone while I'm shooting).

Thanks! Mike Johnson



196 S 100 W, Logan Utah 

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