Studio Rental - Mike Johnson Photo + Video

The Only Natural & Artificial Light Studio in Gorgeous Downtown Logan

Are you looking for a  beautiful natural or artificial light studio? We offer hourly rentals to local and traveling photographers. If you're looking to rent our studio, contact us anytime to check availability. We're conveniently located in Downtown Logan! Check out the current equipment in our studio and images of the studio below! 

-Studio Equipment:

-2 Alien Bee Strobes (1x1600 and 3x800's 1x400_)

-2 Speedlights (4 Neewer TT850 and 2 YN560II's)

-2 Rolling C Stands

-2 C-Stands

-3 Regular Light Stands

-2 40in Extension/Boom Arms 

-1 Mini Boom (48-64 inch Boom)

-Radio Triggers (Compatible with any brand)

-28in Beauty Dish (1)

-22in Beauty Dish (1)

-5ft Octobox (1)

-4ft x 3ft Softbox (1)

-2ft x 2ft Softbox (1)

-12in x 56in Strip Box (1)

-9in x 36in Strip Box (2)

-42in Reflector with Stand (1)

-4ft x 6ft Reflector (1)

-Various white and silver umbrella's

-Studio Size:

- Our studio is 18 feet by 38 feet of shooting space. We do also have a meeting/consultation room in the basement that you could use if needed. 

-Studio Backdrops:

-We currently have 4 colors of 9ft seamless (white, fashion grey, black, sky blue, yellow). We also have textured grey and blue muslin backdrops. Two 3ftx6ft wooden doors and of course the antique brick walls

Studio Rental Rates are: 


$100 for 5 hrs/mo

$200 for 15 hrs/mo

$400 for 40 hrs/mo + key

$150/ full day 

Click this link to schedule hourly:


Or Call/Email Mike at:



Full payment is due at the time of scheduling. 

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